Cupcakes @ The Sassy Lamb

Vegans have secrets.  No, seriously…don’t laugh… (whisper voice, raised eyebrows) we do.  One of the biggest ones is that vegan cupcakes taste better than regular cupcakes.  Especially chocolate ones.

For my wedding we enlisted the services of my friend Jaime at The Sassy Lamb to make cupcakes.  She had never baked vegan anything before, but she didn’t flinch at the challenge and my oh my were the results amazing.  Chocolate cuppies with vanilla icing, with 3d rice paper (and edible!) butterflies on top of each one.  Holy. Frigging. Crap.

Our non-veggie guests flipped their lids.  They talked about them for weeks.  Mercifully, it saved me from a lot of “how does it feel to be married” because all they wanted to ask was “where the f%$k did you get those cupcakes?!”

I ordered a whack of them this December, with a holiday theme, and handed them out as little gifties to my coworkers.  People were almost angry that they tasted so good.  They walked up to me, speechless, holding the empty cupcake wrapper out like a flower, then walked away murmuring to themselves.

Overall HHH rating: 6 outraged cupcake eaters out of five (I know, but it’s my system, so I’ll screw with it if I want.)

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