Become a Reductarian in Veguary!

This post is for all of my omnivore readers who would like to participate in VeguaryMeatless Mondays, or the Veggie Challenge.  These initiatives are all about encouraging omnivores to reduce their meat intake for either the month of February (they were nice and chose the shortest month of the year!), for one day of the week for an entire year, or to have no meat for an entire week.

Not everyone is happiest being a full-time veggie, but many of you would like to decrease your meat intake and/or increase your vegetable intake for various reasons.  If you are like my girl Lisa Simpson you might be contemplating becoming a veggie but aren’t sure where to start, or you might want to maintain your omnivore status while following a more conscious diet, a-la Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Because I hate to be left out of anything, I am committing to posting a daily recommendation for the entire month of February.  Eek.  #meltdownoverwriter’sblocklikely

You all are doing something you find difficult, so I’m promising to ease your load by pointing you to yummy recipes, wine or restaurants options that are so tasty you’ll feel like you are cheating on your ‘diet’.

Please note that Veguary is about picking the level of commitment that works for you, not signing onto the meat equivalent of teetotaling.  You can chose to be a ‘reductarian’ and eat one veggie meal a day, or make a vegan wine choice (yup, it really is that simple).

Check out Veguary’s website here.  Or follow them on Twitter here.

2 thoughts on “Become a Reductarian in Veguary!

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