Veguary 17th: Daiya Cheese Style Shreds


Daiya Chedder Style Shreds

In honor of my Dad’s birthday, here’s a clip from one of our favorite movies. Bonus: includes Sean Connery’s character following one of my father’s cardinal rules – “write it down, then you don’t have to remember.” Happy Birthday Dad!

The holy grail to any vegan is a great tasting cheese alternative that melts. So many non-dairy cheeses contain other animal products, which is fine for humans who don’t eat dairy because they are lactose-intolerant, but not fine for humans who don’t eat dairy for any other reason.

This is why I can easily see a religion forming around Daiya vegan cheeses. Are you ready for the list of this product’s amazing attributes? (Probably not, but here it is anyway):

– dairy, lactose and casein free,
– gluten and soy free,
– cholesterol and trans fat free,
– I can read and understand the entire list of ingredients,
– yumminess,

I cannot wait to use this stuff to make a pizza. It was delicious on my burger and I am making up a mac and cheese recipe STAT.

Overall HHH rating: 5 thwarted Nazis’ out of five

3 thoughts on “Veguary 17th: Daiya Cheese Style Shreds

  1. You have chosen… wisely. Daiya is most likely gonna be my almost-invisible-bridge-until-I-throw-sand-on-it from vegetarianism to veganism. I keep trying to explain to non-vegans how awesome it is on pizza – it melts better and somehow tastes even cheesier. This is big, because I’ve always said that if I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it’d be cheese. And I stand by that statement. Seriously, the home-made pizza I’ve had it on is one of the BEST pizzas I’ve ever had. Let us know how that works out for ya.

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