By The Way Organic Salad @ By The Way Cafe

By The Way Organic Salad

Some people collect stamps, other people collect shoes… I collect awesome girlfriends. (Ok, so I collect shoes too.)

The point is, I have the best girlfriends in the world, and because I chose so well (if I do say so myself) some of them have been in my life since I was four. I’m lucky to have a few in Toronto with me, but most are living a plane ride away. This means bonding time only comes in concentrate – multi-day stretches of constant togetherness. It is always an all out, balls to the wall, brunchnailsshoppinggabbingdrinkingeatingfest of pure, unadulterated, estrogen-fueled bonding.

Whenever that bonding happens in Toronto we have at least one meal at By The Way Cafe, on Bloor @ Brunswick. I can count on BTW-C for yumminess at any time of the day, and they love their veggie customers. This weekend two of my BFFs were visiting, so the cafe had to deal with yammering, but well-tipping, ladies for several hours on Friday.

I knew what I was ordering before I sat down.

The By The Way Organic Salad is made with organic greens, grilled apples, roasted sunflower seeds and a light, lemon-y dressing. Totally meal-worthy. I like to order it with the baba ghanoush and pita, just to make sure the HHH doesn’t leave hungry. Add cinnamon-tinged coffee for a completely surreal experience.

Afterwards we all went for mani-pedis.

Is this the girliest blog post you’ve ever read in your life? I hope so. Much girl-ier and we might bring Elle Woods into non-fictional existence.

Overall HHH rating: 5 synched cycles out of five

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