Vegan Maple Donut @ Hot Beans

Maple Donut

Still no word on the apartment. No worries. I drowned my panic in a peaceful, rainy walk through Kensington Market. My main destination was a new place called Hot Beans.

Hot Beans is all about latin-inspired vegan takeout, which is enough to get me lining up, but today my bee-line was all about vegan donuts. I have been stalking their twitter for weeks (@hotbeansvegan) because every day they post a daily donut flavour. It is enough to make me take a seriously long detour on my way to work.

All of the pent-up anticipation was well-deserved. It was superfresh, supersoft and not-too sweet – but sweet enough. And as usual, way tastier than its non-vegan counterpart.

I’m sure I’ll write about Hot Beans again – I am dying to try ‘The Elvis’ – but a post about The Donuts had to be done ASAP.

Overall HHH rating: 5 fruitful twitter stalks out of five.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Maple Donut @ Hot Beans

  1. We live in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts (seriously, they outnumber Starbucks so what does that tell you) and were just lamenting yesterday about how there’re no real donut shops nearby. But a vegan donut no less?!! Yes, you must tell us about the hunka-hunka burning goodness that is The Elvis after you experience it.

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