Vegan Shoes on Pinterest

Gorgeous Vegan Shoes

Just in case you hadn’t picked up on it by now, HHH’s philosophy – the point I’m trying to get across – is that being a vegan doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. You can still be an indulgent hedonist… you just try not to kill anyone in the process. And if the name of the blog hadn’t tipped you off, I lurve shoes. So much.

Whenever I go to vegan events I spend most of the night telling fellow veggies where I got my shoes.  And everyone says to me “just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I don’t have style”. Amen.

So I added a button that links to my Pinterest account for those of you who feel lost in a world of flat shoes with boxy toes.  There you will find pictures of amazing shoes who claim to be vegan and/or entirely man made. Enjizzle!

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