Veggie Pride Parade

Toronto is well-known for its Pride Parade. We have the biggest LBGT Pride Parade in the world. Which is why it is the perfect city to start pushing a whole new kind of pride: Veggie Pride. Today the second-annual Veggie Pride Parade was held in downtown Toronto. The parade ends with everyone chowing down… so … Continue reading

Tasty Vegan Lip Balm from Crazy Rumors

You’ve probably guessed that the HHH is on the girly side of the vanity spectrum. You are more right than you know.  I am a hair-product-loving, shoe-obsessed, only-dress-or-skirt wearing lover of all things perfume-y and prettifying. I nailed the animal-free food thing a long time ago with little or no effort, and it was easy … Continue reading

Homemade Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs

The HHH is currently surrounded by moving boxes. Moving day is Friday. I am doing everything I can to delay packing up my kitchen. Makes me feel like I’m at the mercy of restaurants or the ‘microwaveable’ section of the grocery store. Totally worth the week of poor eating though, because the view from my new … Continue reading

Vegan Chick’n Curry @ Whole Foods

Every alcohol drinker has a magic hangover cure up his or her sleeve. They all think they have found The One thing that is going to put alcohol-withdrawal-induced dehydration, headache, nausea and fatigue in the corner. The HHH is no different from everyone else. The Vegan Chick’n Curry at Whole Foods in Yorkville is a … Continue reading

Vegan Maple Donut @ Hot Beans

Still no word on the apartment. No worries. I drowned my panic in a peaceful, rainy walk through Kensington Market. My main destination was a new place called Hot Beans. Hot Beans is all about latin-inspired vegan takeout, which is enough to get me lining up, but today my bee-line was all about vegan donuts. … Continue reading

BBQ Tofu @ One Love Vegetarian Cafe

  There is no way around it – apartment hunting sucks. I am currently paying off a crap-load of student debt, so I’ll be dealing with landlords, frequent moves and the practically annual apartment hunt for at least another few years.  Might as well embrace it. We saw an apartment today that has us in … Continue reading

Vegan Pancakes for Mardi Gras!

Two holidays on the same day that both remind me of the women in my family. Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday to 8 year old HHH), is the one day of the year we can all count on breakfast for dinner, and in my family it was a (not figurative) money-filled breakfast. My … Continue reading

By The Way Organic Salad @ By The Way Cafe

Some people collect stamps, other people collect shoes… I collect awesome girlfriends. (Ok, so I collect shoes too.) The point is, I have the best girlfriends in the world, and because I chose so well (if I do say so myself) some of them have been in my life since I was four. I’m lucky … Continue reading