Veguary 17th: Daiya Cheese Style Shreds

  In honor of my Dad’s birthday, here’s a clip from one of our favorite movies. Bonus: includes Sean Connery’s character following one of my father’s cardinal rules – “write it down, then you don’t have to remember.” Happy Birthday Dad! The holy grail to any vegan is a great tasting cheese alternative that melts. … Continue reading

Veguary 16th: Cave Spring Riesling VQA, 2009

This is a simple, sweet post for a complex, off-dry wine. Riesling is one of my favorite grapes and I love buying local.  So I was thrilled to find out that the entire catalogue of wines at Cave Spring Cellars, including the rieslings, are vegan.  They told me so themselves.  The wine makers told me, not the wines. … Continue reading

Veguary 15th: Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise

If my facebook newsfeed is a barometer of the current mood of the general population, then everyone is feeling some post-Valentine’s blues.  It is cold, it is dark, and beers on a patio is still not a viable option.  At least there’s a long weekend coming, amIright? In a few posts I have mentioned grapeseed … Continue reading

Veguary 14th: A Vegetable Burger for Lovers

We all sacrifice for love.  I have a friend who moved to Canada from Wales for love.  He came here to be with and eventually marry the love of his life, but he left many good things behind: family, friends… and Tesco’s Vegetable Burgers. The honeymoon has worn off, and while he loves his husband (and their … Continue reading

Veguary 11th: Spicy Noodle Bowl @ Freshii

Everyone has an annoying coworker who’s amazing lunches fill your workstation with a daily scented reminder that your lunch only pales in comparison. Today that annoying coworker was me. The HHH treated herself to the Spicy Noodle Bowl from Freshii.  The great thing about Freshii is that you can make your own salad, wrap or soup, so … Continue reading

Veguary 10th: Curried Chickpea Cakes

  Apologies for the horribly bad photo.  All of my blog photos are taken with an iPhone 3, which takes a decent photo – for a camera phone with no flash – so by “decent” I mean in the range of “terrible” to “not horrible”. I know I hate following a recipe without a photo … Continue reading