Veguary 23rd: Wine Lover’s Mushroom Ris-Orzo

  This meal is made with rice-shaped pasta and has the pleasant creamy texture of risotto, so please don’t blame anyone who won’t believe that it is pasta.  Serve with wine and crusty garlic bread. Wine Lover’s Mushroom Ris-Orzo Makes Four Servings 2 tablespoons safflower oil or any light oil 1/3 white onion, chopped 2 cloves … Continue reading

Veguary 22nd: Tempeh Teriyaki

  For the love of Pete, is it summer yet? How much longer do I need to deal with vitamin-D deficient cranky subway riders and salt on my boots? On my way home today a woman in a floor-length fur coat and a young guy in construction gear had a loud verbal altercation in the … Continue reading

Veguary 21st: ShaSha Co. Bread

You are looking at the ultimate toast bread.  Every bread in the world has a special skill, and ShaSha’s Whole Wheat Flax shines when it is browned and slathered with Pb, J, or something Earth Balance-like. It is locally made and sold, but good news for my readers outside the T-Dot – you can buy … Continue reading

Veguary 20th: Embarrassingly Easy Lentil Soup

Every Sunday of my childhood my Mom made the same thing for supper – macaroni and tomatoes.  She would put on a Simon & Garfunkel album and sing away while putting together the simple – and surprisingly delicious – meal.  I swear I still get cravings for macaroni and tomatoes whenever I hear Bridge Over … Continue reading